Martin K. Hunt,
Mr. Hunt is a Managing Director for Providence Friends Capital, a private investment and consulting firm focused on the East Coast. Mr. Hunt is a co-founder of the and a former president and board member of the Harvard Business School Club of Philadelphia.  Prior to HWI, Mr. Hunt was a vice president for MBNA America Bank, a senior corporate strategist at the Unicom Corporation and has over two decades of experience in competition and strategy. His experience includes business transformation for an international consulting firm; an MBA from the Harvard Graduate School of Business; research for strategist Michael Porter of Harvard Business School; completion of Prudential’s Advanced Management Development Program; and a BA in Economics from Swarthmore College where he was a McCabe Scholar.  Mr. Hunt has had a lifelong dedication to studying and understanding the history of African-American business, as well as, to studying competition and strategy in American business as a whole.

Jacqueline Hunt
Ms. Hunt was the former President and co-founder of the Knowledge Express Company which published The History of Black Business.  Ms. Hunt’s experience includes a Masters in Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education; a BA in Biology from Southern Methodist University; teaching tenures in Boston, MA, Dallas, TX, and Randolph, NJ; as well as academic advising at the University of Chicago. Fluent in five languages and a native of Chile, Ms. Hunt led the Knowledge Express Company’s Special Project on African-American History. Written by two Harvard-educated researchers, this book presents a simple, yet well documented overview of the history of Black business.Co-author, Martin Hunt, Sr. says, “The history of African-American-owned businesses is something every American should know, but probably does not. Black business history information is hard to find. This book tells you that history and brings it to you in a fun and easy to read format. Because much of the knowledge in this book is not widely known, here is an opportunity to add a jewel of American history to your collection.”

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