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Apple iBook – History of Black Business – Eighteenth, Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries. (See in iBooks.)

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Four areas of entrepreneurship laid the underpinning of Black businesses today: adventurers with successful economic ventures, inventors, insurance company owners, and bankers. The History of Black Business explores African-American-owned businesses in the United States during the eighteen, nineteen, and twentieth centuries through a series of case studies which we all should know, but probably do not. The History of Black Business is a quick, enjoyable and enlightening way to increase your African-American-owned business IQ.

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KX Classic – The History of Black Business – Hard Cover Book
The History of Black Business is a classic African-American text which chronicles the history of African-American business in the United States from 1619 to 2008, the date of its last publishing. This book is designed for the general reader and chronicles the history of African-American-owned business from the inception of this country until now. Packed with information not widely available, The History of Black Business offers a panoramic view of African-American-owned business never before published in one place. The book provides several frameworks with which to view Black business.

First, the history of African-American-owned businesses before 1970 is chronicledEarl Graves Rec with a plethora of success stories from before the American Revolution through Slavery, Reconstruction and Jim Crow to the Civil Rights Movement. Learn about
Johnson Products, BET, Harpo, Johnson Publishing, North Carolina Mutual, TLC Beatrice and Motown. Written by two Harvard-educated researchers, this book presents a simple, yet well documented overview of the history of Black business.

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